Wack 100 has some of the most intense stories ever…

From beefing with J. Prince to checking King Los in the studio for acting gangsta.

In a new interview, Wack shared a story about how he met The Game and possibly saved his life.

According to Wack, he says that G-Unit West had The Game boxed in with about forty people at a hotel. He didn’t know The Game but a mutual friend was with the Compton rapper when they called him.

Wack says he was with Suge Knight, and asked to go over to the hotel, but Suge said f*ck Game, but the two eventually headed over to the hotel, and saw Mobb Deep, Spider Loc and others surrounding The Game.

Once they rolled up and spoke with Spider Loc, things were de-escalated and everyone dispersed.

Wack says he met The Game at the studio weeks later and The Game gave him all the money in his pocket, plus a feature for one of his artists.

Listen to the full story below.


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