The Game says he’s been wronged by those close to him and is taking a break. He shared the news on Monday, August 1 in a detailed Instagram message.

“I’ve always prided myself on my transparency in tow with sharing every part of my life & myself with my family, friends & my fans,” wrote the Compton rapper. “The past two weeks have been a nightmare for me. I have witnessed disloyalty on levels unimaginable by people I’ve trusted with my heart, money, career & livelihood. Not only have I been backstabbed & betrayed.. I’ve been left to pick up the pieces alone. I’m in no way shape or form angry with anyone for choosing to act in the manner they have as of recent & send love & well wishes from this day forward as there is no hate, malice or vengefulness in my heart.”

“On top of that, I’ve been in therapy for 2 weeks for my back for inflamed muscles & a bruised tailbone from over working out. I also had an accident last night n cut my finger to the bone & had to receive 6 stitches. It’s been rough.. so I’ve decided to take a step back from my phone, social media & group settings, clubs etc so I can focus on completing my album so that my fans are happy with the delivery.”

The Game also stated that his new album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind will drop on August 12 and the release date won’t change again after being pushed back.


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