YK Osiris is famous in these parts for losing silly bets and then not being able to pay off his debts.

On The Breakfast Club, the singer admitted he’s always had an “If you don’t got it act like you got it” attitude and that led him astray once he got real money.

Jump to 21 minutes.

“I went broke so goddam quick,” Osiris admitted. “Three years ago when ‘Worth It’ came out. I blew that money so goddam fast. “I gave mama like 250K. But time you know it, taxes. Taxes come out during that year. I owed like 190. It was crazy. The money went so quick … I spent like 300,000 on clothes.”

Osiris also said he spent 500 bucks on a haircut, which he got every three days. Now that he’s smarter, he says only pays 250 for his cuts.

Osiris also addressed the rumors that he had been Diddy’s boy toy for a bit.

He denied that was the case and said the rumor didn’t bother him because it was so silly and untrue.


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