Mystikal was arrested for first-degree rape earlier this week.

The victim had been in a long-term relationship with the 51-year-old.

According to police, Mystikal got angry after he believed she took $100 from him. So he choked and hit her and prevented her from leaving his home. After the beating, she tried to help him find the money. She wasn’t able to but did come across a “crystalline substance” in his dresser.

At first, Mystikal was remorseful about the beating and splashed the victim with rubbing alcohol to cleanse her “bad spirits.” But his mood turned again and he forced her onto a bed and raped her.

The woman was examined after the assault and found to have injuries consistent with rape

When the police came to Mystikal’s house to investigate the assault they found Xanax, heroin, and marijuana.

All together, Mystikal is being charged with first-degree rape, simple robbery, strangulation, simple criminal damage to property, false imprisonment, possession of schedule II amphetamine, possession of schedule IV controlled dangerous substance, and two counts of possession of schedule I controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia.

Mystikal has a history of sex crimes, having served almost seven years for sexual battery and extortion. He was also arrested for rape in 2017 but the charges were eventually dropped.

He is being held without bond.


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