The Game’s Drillmatic album originally had a Nipsey Hussle feature.

But when the album dropped Thursday night the feature wasn’t there.

That’s because Nip’s brother and estate executor Blacc Sam pulled the clearance hours before the album dropped.

According to Wack 100, he did so because Wack — who is Game’s manager — had been disrespectful to Nip in the past.

“I got an email from my attorney, at about 7:30, an hour and a half before it dropped. Nipsey’s brother put in a demand for it to be pulled,” Wack explained on Clubhouse.

Wack then ripped Blacc for getting all emotional about things.

“These n*ggaas be in their feelings. You notice you got Meek Mill and a bunch of people over there Wack really don’t see eye to eye with,” he continued. “Whoever Game work with, he work with. His sh*t ain’t my sh*t. The Game done drove around L.A., he’s been the biggest Nipsey supporter ever. He’s not here to drop music or promote music, so it’s just remembrance of Nipsey. So at the end of the day, I think where Blacc Sam goes wrong at, he’s being selfish with his anger … probably towards me. But he’s totally disregarding the acknowledgment that Game has given Nipsey since he’s been gone.”

Wack is correct that Game has gone out of his way to acknowledge Nip since his death. In fact,for a bout a month after Nip was gunned down, Game’s social media was a constantly updated shrine to Hussle.

On the other hand, Wack has been disrespectful to Nip over the years, often making the argument that the Crenshaw rapper is only a “legend” because he died young. He has also been accused of extorting Nip’s Baby Mama Lauren London with a sex tape that features her with Nip and another man.


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