US Marshall and Dallas police arrested Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy this week on an open warrant.

When they got inside his house, they found a loaded gun — a no-no for a convicted felon — and a tiger cub, which is a no-no for everyone.

Trapboy’s neighbors were disturbed by the news of Freddy’s exotic pet.

“I’ve never heard about a tiger being in the neighborhood. That’s why it’s strange to me,” said one of Trapboy’s neighbors. “I wouldn’t want a tiger in this neighborhood. I don’t even like the fact that I heard about one being here. I’m glad he got handled by the authorities. Because he shouldn’t have a tiger over here period.”

The tiger has been taken by Dallas animal control and brought to an undisclosed location.

Freddy, who has a long criminal history, is set to go in front of a federal judge today.


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