It’s been a hectic week in Los Angeles…

Georgia rapper Quando Rondo was visiting L.A. with some of his crew, and they were ambushed and shot at, with bullets striking and killing Rondo’s close friend, Lul Pab.

Being that Wack 100 is from L.A. and speaks on the city’s drama, he was quick to jump on Clubhouse to discuss the shooting, and where it is safe in Los Angeles.

According to Wack, there are pockets in L.A., some good, some bad, but even the nice-looking condos can be projects.

Wack also says since the shooting was near the Beverly Center, it will increase how aggressive the police are to the gang members moving forward.

Lastly, Wack suggests that this was a hit, and these shooters came explicitly to see Rondo, who had annoyed them by flaunting his wealth in their city.

Check it out below.


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