A few months back, Freddie Gibbs got jumped in a Dinosaur Barbeque in Buffalo by goons thought to be associated with local rapper Benny The Butcher.

Once friends, Freddie and Benny had been beefing for a minute.

While Benny never officially confirmed he was behind the beating, he made it clear today by posting a video of the chain they took from Freddie and by taunting Gangsta Gibbs.

“Emcee Dinosaur BBQ, you’ve been getting ran down by n*ggas for the past year. Without a gun, you a bitch, Benny said. “Emcee Dinosaur BBQ, n*ggas punched your head all in, get you lumped up, stitches all in sh*t. For running your mouth like you doing now. Remember that? And you went the next day and bought that cheap-ass Cartier watch,” Benny taunted.

Of course, Freddie had something to say about Benny flaunting his former chains.

“Hoe ass n*gga did all that brought a camera man and all for promo. Still can’t pack a room, Freddie typed. “Benny gay ass need to stop flexing because he was there and didn’t throw a punch.”

Who won this round on the web?


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