If Young Thug and company spend a good chunk of their lives in prison it will be in part because they bragged about their crimes in their bars.

While there is some debate over whether it’s OK for prosecutors to use rappers’ lyrics against them, it would be a little weird if the state and the feds didn’t use incriminating bars when they buttress the other evidence they have of a crime.

Charlamagne Tha God blames older rappers — who were more fabulists than criminals — for making today’s emcees think it was OK to confess to crimes in their lyrics.

“These n*ggas is not remaining silent. These n*ggas going into the studio with beats and they are loud as hell. ‘I killed em/ I shot em/ I kicked down his door’ … The moral of the story is a lot of this is our fault, and the reason it’s our fault is because so many rappers from our generation in the 1900s were lying, lying their ass off. And it made a bunch of kids think the way to get in the game was to be the biggest criminal alive. And guess what? You can’t do that,” CTG said.

You can’t be the biggest criminal alive and be a rapper at the same time. But it’s our fault because we should have never let rappers lie like that for entertainment because if it’s just art, then we have to demand that some of these people change the content of their art because all it’s doing is getting a bunch of people indicted and influencing a generation of kids wrong, period.”


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