Los Angeles rapper J. Stone, who was close friends with Nipsey Hussle, responded to Quando Rondo disassociating himself with the Rollin’ 60s Crips.

Rondo made the announcement earlier this week after his friend Lul Pab was shot and killed in Los Angeles last month.

“Ain’t no loyalty in this sh*t,” wrote Rondo. “I’m my own man I layed my flag down …. Yall aint gone ride for a n*gga foreal it’s no sense of me being a part of yall sh*t.”

But J. Stone said it’s too late for Rondo to quit the gang while also sending him a shot.

“You can’t drop yo flag and say you not NH no mo. N**** go to the hood and get yo put off,” wrote J. Stone. “Don’t cry now. We lose homies all the time. Not everybody gon ride. You was a goofy/internet banger anyway.”

Florida rapper Foolio also had something to say about Rondo leaving the gang life behind.

“Dawg homeboy died in cali he trynna squash beef and throw his flag in it’s too late for that nephew,” he wrote.

What’s your opinion on Rondo leaving the gang life?


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