During his chat with DJ Akademiks, Tory Lanez explained why he doesn’t discuss on social media his upcoming trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

“There’s a time and a place brother. For these people that I do not know and I do not owe any explanation will get an explanation,” Tory said. “I’ve never been a patient guy. But I’ve always been a time and place guy. And that’s why I said, even in my last interview, the narrative can be against me.

But it’s the narrative that’s against me and it’s me not explaining myself. In a lot of instances what a lot of people don’t realize is that one thing connects to another and when you start talking about one thing people then connect it to something else and sometimes — most of the time — those things have no correlation to each other. So because of that you avoid it in its entirety because it’s not it’s time and place. That’s just wisdom. That’s not about me trying to be too cool to give y’all the answer or I’m so patient or I’m so reslilent. No guys. I am in an open case. Maybe I make this sh*t look really beautiful, but I’m facing 24 years.

I’m actively facing 24 years next month. This is not no play-play situation. I’ve been in this for three years. I haven’t played Internet games, I’m not going to start now.”


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