There’s been talk this week that the Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green and Jordan Poole got into a physical altercation.

Now, there’s footage of the incident and it shows Green punching his teammate square in the face during practice.

It’s not clear what started the beef, but the two men can be seen jawing at each other. Green then approaches Poole, who pushes him, and that’s when the 6′ 6″ forward decked him.

“These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it but it happens,” said the Warriors’ General Manager Bob Myers. “Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room … As far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally.”

Draymond has a reputation in the league of being a hot-head. If you recall, he got into an altercation with Kevin Durant in 2018 during a game.

What do you think Draymond’s punishment should be?


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