PnB Rock, Tee Grizzley, and Megan Thee Stallion. Those are just some of the rappers who’ve been robbed in Los Angeles this year.

Rock was tragically gunned down last month in a restaurant while Tee and Megan had their L.A. homes broken into.

Another rapper who was robbed in the City of Angels is Boosie Badazz, who talked about it during a recent visit to Drink Champs. [Jump to the 11:57 mark]

“Bro, we got so many dudes that got robbed in L.A. who ain’t talking about it … That m*therf*cker dangerous,” said Boosie. “It’s really dangerous. I was at No Jumper and n*ggas stole our truck. I’m at the interview and n*ggas stole my m*therf*cking truck.”

He talked about another incident as well.

“I’m at a strip club, they break into one of my other bitches’ car,” Boosie recalled. “They out to get it. They tried to get my artist. Like bro, this sh*t real out there … I move kinda deep. I bring all my people from Louisiana and I’m in and out … I’m not hanging in no L.A. I’m coming to do a deal, whoop de woo, and I’m out probably the next day. I know it ain’t safe, my people know it ain’t safe, the whole industry know. N*ggas getting jacked out there. You gotta be ready.”

For those who visit Los Angeles, do you move differently when you’re there?


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