50 Cent’s estranged son Marquise and Supreme McGriff’s son Kyle (aka Supreme McGriff Jr.) used to be friends.

That was notable because Supreme is believed to have ordered Fif shot back in 2000.

Marquise has been on a media rampage lately, calling attention to the continuing problems he has with his dad.

Watch the video below.

“This is not the time for this. I’m going to tell you one time, bro. Delete that post from your page. Because you want attention right now. But it’s not going to work out how you think it’s going to work out. When you’ll start posting text messages and DMs of what people are saying? I’m gonna tell you one time, bro. Marquise, you don’t want this problem. Take that post off my page. You leaking my number?

You got people calling my phone and texting me.  You really on some fed, you on some police sh*t.  It’s not cool for somebody to post messages and DMs and screenshot them and record conversations … take that post down bro,” Supreme McGriff Jr. said.


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