Last week, Kanye West spoke about Diddy nearly getting into a fight with Drake in 2015 at the first Yeezy Season Fashion Show.

Now, there’s a video of Diddy getting into a fight with actor Michael J. Ferguson, who works on Power.

The incident happened in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 29 when the Bad Boy mogul was dressed as the Joker and exchanged words with Ferguson.

At first, Diddy stayed in character then broke it, and that’s when things escalated further.

“What’s up, baby? You don’t like me?” Diddy yelled. “Then motherf*cking get to it, n*gga. If you don’t like me, you motherf*cking fronting. Get to it, bitch. Don’t f*cking play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love, n*gga … What up? … Come out here and I’ll bust yo sh*t! You f*cking p*ssy. Make sure you won’t never talk to me like that.”

It seems like Ferguson didn’t realize it was Diddy but did later. You can see the bizarre video up top.


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