DJ Quik is a Hip Hop legend. There’s no debating that. But the Compton artist still feels that his career isn’t where it should be and he compared himself to another producer from his city.

“I know it’s early. But I deserve to be where Dre is. I don’t think it’s fair, but I understand why. I’ve never had a machine behind me, that always hurt my friends more than it did me,” tweeted Quik, who recently explained why he was almost killed over a bootleg copy of a Tupac Shakur song.

“I know I’ll never be as popular as I need to be, but I have 10s of artists superstars! And when they shine, I just smile,” Quik added. “The janitor doesn’t get all the glory, but he keeps the backstage, clean as a triage … This is not a meltdown, I’m just expressing myself as neutrally as I can.”

Would you say that Quik would be where Dre is if he had the same corporate machine behind him?


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