Bobby Shmurda and NBA YoungBoy got into it late last year after Bobby’s guy Rowdy Rebel spoke recklessly about the killing of King Von by NBA YoungBoy’s guy Quando Rondo’s guy Lul Tim.

During the back and forth Bobby threatened to “boom” YB.

In Uncle Murda’s annual “Rap Up” track he warned YB to take Bobby seriously.

“NBA YoungBoy had Rich The Kid shook over a little picture with Lil Durk that he took / Hope he know Bobby Shmurda and Rich The Kid different / Bobby will really boom you, n*gga, watch who you mention,” Murda rapped.

Bobby played those bars on IG Live and had something to say about them.

“Murda, I’m a changed man, Murda. I’m a changed man.” he said, laughing. “I’m different, I’m tryna change man, Murda. I ain’t trying to boom nobody no more.”


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