Flo Rida appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday and explained why he’s taking the energy drink company Celsius to court.

Basically, the Floridian rapper says the company bilked him out of some dough, and he’s suing them for over $30,000.

“Well this started back in 2014. I was asked to be the brand ambassador for Celsius,” Flo explained. “I mean, this was a young company out of the state of Florida and myself, I thrive on health. Since being in ninth grade, all I did was love fitness knowing that health is really wealth. So I was in this thing for the long haul, and basically when it came down to getting compensated … It was a time during the pandemic where I got to sit down and really check out all my business endeavors.”

“And this one in particular, I check it out and they were telling me that one of the products I was endorsing wasn’t selling and I got a chance to look at it and it was doing more than well,” he continued. “This product has done over tens and tens of millions of dollars since I joined the company.”


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