Takeoff was shot and killed during a dice game hosted by Houston rap scion J. Prince Jr.

After the Migo hit the floor, the video suggests J. Prince Jr. heartlessly walked by Set’s body.

Prince’s dad and Rap-A-Lot boss J. Prince claims that the video lied.

“You know, one of the biggest lies that was told was he walked by, you know, Takeoff’s body as if he was heartless and didn’t care. In reality, Jr. and my cousin, Michael Prince that’s here — they was there with Takeoff from the beginning to the end. You know what I mean,” Prince said. “Even when they walked by, the walk-by part — it took three seconds of a hour and some situation. When Mike and Jr. was walking by, he actually went in the restroom to wash blood off of his hands. Where he had reached up under Takeoff to pick him up, and his fingers went in it.”


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