Jim Jones didn’t like that someone from DJUTV asked him about Max B, a person who he’s beefed with in the past.

Max has been in prison since 2009 after being charged with kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault, and felony murder, which was related to a 2006 robbery attempt. But his boy French Montana says he’ll be released in months. [Jump to the 4:40-mark]

After Jimmy was asked the Max B question, he explained why it was inappropriate.

“I don’t talk about dead people and I don’t talk about people locked up,” he said. “If I say some sh*t, I wanna be able to say it to your face if I have to, ya dig? … So just keep that in mind for the next time you speak to a real n*gga and talk about dead people or somebody that’s locked up.”

The guy then said he’s from Chicago and his readers want to know about rappers who are deceased or behind bars.

“I know how it go in Chicago, I know how they speak on they opps, I know the whole thing and sh*t like that,” Jimmy shot back. “But where I’m from, I come from a different time. I come from real hustlers … N*ggas that really got money and really was in the street … And certain code and certain things that I’m just not accustomed to doing. You talking about a dead person holds no merit to me … If that’s your opp, you already won.”

Sounds like Jimmy is still tight about Max and Chrissy in Miami?


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