Things got wild last night during the Lakers-Grizzlies game.

Fox Sports personality Shannon Sharpe got into it with Ja Morant’s dad at halftime, an altercation that started when Sharpe began jawing with Memphis player Dillon Brooks.

After the game, Brooks was very dismissive of Sharpe, an NFL Hall Of Famer.

“A regular pedestrian like him? No, he shouldn’t have come back in the game. But, it’s LA,” Brooks said when asked if it was appropriate for Sharpe to speak to him.

Lakers star LeBron James had nicer words about Sharpe.

“I ride with Shannon 365 days—366 on a leap year—24/7. So that’s my guy,” James said. “I always got his back. And he’s got mine. He can talk with the best of them, for sure.”

Oh, and the Lakers won the game 122-121 after an impressive fourth quarter comeboack.


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