Early in Fat Trel’s career, he was in the group Louis V Mob with Alley Boy.

Master P noticed them and offered to fly them out to Los Angeles to be in the movie Menace 2 Society 2.

He paid them a monthly stipend. While the movie never got made, they also recorded music out West, although P never discussed signing Louis V Mob with Fat Trel.

In a new interview with No Jumper, Trel explained how things went left when he noticed that P was putting their music on iTunes without his permission and not paying him.

“We performed a lot on that show and we don’t receive nothing. I didn’t say nothing.” Trel said of a show in Austin, Texas. “In the back of my mind I wanted to but I didn’t say nothing. Then the last straw was when [a friend] showed me that one of those albums was on iTunes. The album was for sale on iTunes … I see him put the album up without any paperwork and without me getting anything from it.”

At that point, he decided to leave LA and not come back.

Afterward, Master P told the press that Trel left because he “didn’t have any patience.” While Trel doesn’t think that was the case, he explained he’s not even mad at a P because he knows he is just a dishonest person to the core.

“I’ve been around P and I know what kind of person he is,” he explained.


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