Chris Brown is frustrated that he keeps getting heat for the time he beat Rihanna’s face.

So yesterday, he called out Blueface, Chrisean Rock, Sean Penn, Nick Cage, Emma Roberts, and Charlie Sheen for also being domestic abusers who he believes have had it easier than him in the court of public opinion.

But Blue has taken a more measured approach to getting called out.

He jumped on social and explained where Breezy went wrong.

“I understand the frustration. I’m not even going to trip on you because your message is off. You on some “they did it too.” Life don’t work that way … Only thing I disagree with is you posting all these random white people, and me and the bitch and trying to distract from your thing. You gotta stand on it, cuh. If you beat the bitch up, you beat the bitch up … you beat up the wrong bitch,” Blue said.


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