50 Cent likes to participate in the annual Uncorked! International Wine Competition at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

In the past, he’s ended up buying some pretty pricey bottles of alcohol.

This year, he was the one making the money.

Fif’s Le Chemin du Roi champagne won first prize at the festival’s best-in-show competition.

Then a bottle of the prize-winning bubbly was auctioned off for a cool 350K.

50 Cent also spent some money at the competition.

“You think you know money until you make it to the Rodeo in houston. 🤦‍♂️I bought the lot 2 Reserve champion $165,000 you need a real bag to play over here 👀lol,” Fif captioned an article about his record-breaking sale.

The winning bid came from real estate firm J. Alan Kent Development. We guess real estate in Texas is doing well.


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