Earlier this month, Boosie was hit with federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and transporting firearms across interstate highways.

When the cops in San Diego pulled Boosie over, someone else in the car claimed the gun.

An interview with Math Hoffa in which Boosie explains how his weed carriers take charges for him may be a big part of the Feds case against him.

“This sh*t happens plenty of times. My boy going to say it’s his gun when they come to the car. That’s what they do … Who’s never been convicted the take the charge of the pistol,” Boosie explained to Math before the incident

Despite his giving Boosie’s legal opps ammunition, Boosie has no bad feelings toward Math. He told him just that when he ran into him at the BET Awards.

“They flipped the interview and tried to make it seem like I was talking about my case,” Boosie told Hoffa. “They tried to tie that sh*t together, but we just be talking about sh*t in the hood.”


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