The battle between Jim Jones and Pusha T has gone a few rounds so far, and Capo said he’s waiting for it to continue.

Their back-and-forth started when Jimmy had a problem with Billboard naming Pusha a top 50 rapper earlier this year.

That led to the Virginia rapper responding in a Clipse song that was played during Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

Jimmy clapped back after that and dissed Pusha, as well as his brother, No Malice.

Capo talked about the exchange during a recent Drink Champs visit and said he’s waiting for Pusha’s response. He also paid the Daytona rapper a nice compliment. [Jump to the 1:42:12-mark]

“Shout out to Pusha T, [a] very dope artist. Everybody knows he’s a monster when it comes to music. I can’t take nothing away from him,” said Jim. “Who knows what he might come up with, he’s very crafty and sh*t like that. Some people react off top, some people take years to come back. I seen n*ggas had beef and wait years to try and kill a n*gga.”

Do you think Pusha will respond to Jim or is the battle over?


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