St. Lunatics members Ali and Nelly have been beefing since at least 2021.

Ali claimed back then that he wrote for Nelly and was abandoned by him after he got famous.

In his latest charge, Ali said the “Hot in Herre” rapper owes him money, and he refuses to work with him again because of it.

“It could be $90,000 or $70,000 ,” said Ali while speaking to VladTV. “When that conversation happens I’ll get a check. It’ll be $13,000. Now you’ll be f*cked up now because what is this $13,000 for? You owe me $91,000 … What did you pay me for? At the end of it, it’s gonna be $66,000 because he’s far behind on the payments.”

“A tiger ain’t never gon’ change his stripes,” he went on. “I watched it for 20 years and I’m the butt of the joke because it took me 20 years to realize it. I could put a never, ever behind it. [I’ll never] hit the stage or do anything with him.”


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