Schoolboy Q hasn’t dropped an album since 2019’s Crash Talk and has only dropped two albums since 2015.

He discussed his work rate with the Back on Figg folks. In doing so, he took a shot at rappers who drop albums every year.

“We never looked at this industry as a sport. I feel like people look at this sh*t as a sport. We looked it as, ‘this is our life.’ Sh*t that we have been through … you can’t compare that to somebody who won an NBA championship.

Motherf*ckers that don’t even know themselves. When it comes to music, I don’t like it as ‘oh, you got to drop every year.’ Your favorite rapper has to drop every year because he needs chili. I don’t what I want because I move off peace, I move off my experiences, I move off art. That means if I have to slip a little bit with chili, that’s cool,” Q said.

Rap as a sport. Drop every year because you need to maintain your lifestyle. Your favorite rapper.

It sounds like Q is talking about Drake — whom Q has otherwise been very complimentary of –here.


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