Liam Smith disclosed that his performance was suboptimal and lackluster during his tenth round technical knockout defeat to Chris Eubank Jr. on the evening of last Saturday.

This was attributed to a weight reduction of 42 pounds during his training camp and an ankle injury that he sustained during the bout. Smith further expounded that his left ankle ailment impeded his mobility during the match.

The 35-year-old pugilist, Smith, with a record of 33-4-1, including 20 knockouts, appeared to be a mere shadow of his former self in comparison to his initial bout with Eubank Jr., who boasts a record of 33-3, with 24 knockouts. Smith was unable to execute his punches and was rendered incapable of fighting through the clinching maneuvers employed to contain him.

Smith has attributed his lackluster performance to a back injury that impeded his training prior to the match. Additionally, he had to shed a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time to prepare for the rematch.

Reducing weight is a challenging task for a fighter, particularly when they are injured and advanced in age, as is the case with Smith. In the case of an older fighter, it is imperative that they commence their training camp in optimal physical condition and free from any injuries, in order to effectively compete against a younger opponent.

Although it is true that Eubank Jr. is not considered young, he is still a few years younger than Smith and has not faced the same level of challenging opponents as Smith has.

There were few individuals who believed Eubank could exhibit such a commanding performance right from the outset and continue to dominate throughout the entire fight.

The performance was exceptional. The individual in question had personal challenges to overcome prior to the event. As you are aware, the initial encounter was decisive. This particular display was the pinnacle of their professional career.


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