Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo died on New Year’s Day 2023 after an overdose.

Neither DJ Paul nor Juicy J went to her funeral. Paul, who did pay for her final send off, said it was because he “doesn’t do funerals.”

J didn’t explain his absence and the video tribute he recorded was cut from the funeral due to technical difficulties.

He spoke about her death during a new chat with Sway, explaining that the last time he saw Boo he had a feeling drugs would kill her.

“That sh*t tore me up. I got a text that morning from Chat, it was just like, ‘Boo dead.’ It stuck in my head. Last time a saw Gangsta Boo it was a couple of months before she passed. We talked about a lot of different things, we talked about life and about my mom passing. We hugged and we talked about old times.

And, you know, I noticed something about her. She was doing coke at the time, she was very, very high. I ain’t going to lie, this is scary but it’s real sh*t, when she walked off something was telling me she was going to die. I don’t know where that came from, but I was just looking at her like … and I wanted to say something.

Like, back in the day I would pull her to the side and tell her to put that sh*t up we got work to do. But I hadn’t seen Boo in a long time and she a grown woman so ain’t trying to be all in her business … I wish I could have said something, I ain’t going to lie,” Juicy said.

R.I.P. Gangsta Boo.


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