Tyrese had one of those Breakfast Club moments last week.

DJ Envy confronted him for acting inappropriately with Envy’s wife, threatening to “box his mouth” for what he said.

Tyrese said he was surprised that Envy and Charlamange treated him so heartlessly when they knew he had been dealing with mental health issues when he made the comments to Envy’s wife.

The moment he said, ‘I should box your mouth,’ or whatever the f*ck it is, it took everything in me to stay in that seat,” Tyrese revealed.

“Charlamange was clever because he knew that they being going at me for five years. And I responded only a few times publically but for the most part they new that I was coming. And they knew that we was going to have that conversation. So everybody that’s speaking to the same thing that I’ve spoke to. You’re this voice. You got books, you’re this champion, outspoken man that represents all things mental health …

Like I mentioned to Envy, I feel like I know y’all enough to have some type of expectation of you guys to just have a heart and simple be able to say man I couldn’t imagine to be like to come home to an empty house with no wife and your child getting taken from you while you’re out of town.”

Here’s the clip from the show:


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