Now that B.G. is home, all the Hot Boys are free men.

Birdman, who greeted B.G. last week when he exited prison after over ten years, has pledged $100 million for a Hot Boy’s reunion.

But there’s a catch. The Cash Money boss admits he probably won’t have all four Hot Boy rappers on stage, with Turk being the odd man out.

“To be honest, me and Turk didn’t have a relationship before Turk went to jail. I ain’t got nothing but love for Turk, but I didn’t’ have a relationship before he went to jail,” Baby explained.

“We are definitely going on tour,” he continued. I put up $100 million myself. But I can’t guarantee it’s going to be everybody. I’m standing on business that’s what it is. If it work out, it work out; if it don’t it don’t, but we definitely going to get that money. I don’t think it’s going be everyone. The main players are going to be there. I ain’t got nothing against Turk. He’s still a HB. But I’m standing on business.”

So it looks like Lil Wayne, Juvenile and B.G. Will Turk be missed?


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