We shared a report yesterday that said Tory Lanez is fearing for his life in California’s North Kern State Prison, as he spends his time alone in administrative segregation.

But Ceasar McDowell, who’s a part of his legal team, says that’s not the case.

In a recent chat with TMZ, McDowell said that Tory doesn’t want to be secluded, and he’d rather be general population.

McDowell also said the rapper has already been schooled on prison life from those familiar with the inner workings and isn’t worried about his safety.

Plus, it was explained that Tory will have access to more prison programs if he’s in general pop, so that could be the main reason he wants to make the move.

Tory is serving ten years for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Do you believe he isn’t worried about his safety like McDowell claims?


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