Big U explained that he had a lot of learning to do in regards to rap politics after his release from prison. During an interview on The Breakfast Club, he described his introduction to music, after nearly 10 years in prison, and how his lack of understanding nearly resulted in two of Hip Hop’s most feared figures clashing.

The former Crips leader said he established his relationship with Suge Knight through Kurupt. He added that the two bonded after being released from prison six months apart before explaining his history with Jimmy Henchman

“The first money I ever made in hip hop, I made it from doing Game’s shoe contract with Jimmy Henchman,” Big U said around the 53:53 mark before explaining how he met Jimmy Henchman. “Now I’m naive to Hip Hop. Jimmy is coming to meet me because he had heard about me coming home, so he was like, ‘Yeah I’m gonna help the homie get this bag,’ because it was through 310. Jimmy comes to meet me at the restaurant and I don’t know about this beef between him and Suge. I really don’t get it.”

He continued by saying Henchman met him at a restaurant, wearing all white and accompanied by a female. Big U said that Suge Knight was picking him up from the restaurant without knowing Henchman was who he was meeting with prior to leaving with Suge. Big U said Suge pulled up to the back restaurant with a 15-car entourage before calling and asking if Henchman was who he was with.

Big U claimed that after he confirmed he was with Jimmy Henchman, Suge Knight drove around and then 20 men started approaching the establishment. Big U suggested that he stall Suge’s men while Henchman escaped out of the back, but Henchman denied the help and refused to flee.

“That’s when I had gained a measure of respect for [Jimmy Henchman] because he was like, ‘I can’t run,'” Big U said. “And it was just him and the female. Now I don’t know if he was strapped or not.”

At that moment, Big U said arranged a face-to-face encounter between the two before telling himself that he needed to “learn these politics.” When asked why Suge and Henchman had beef, he responded by saying he never received the full story.

Big U stated that the $280,000 he made with Jimmy Henchman was the first real money he got in Hip Hop before going on to detail his management career.

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