Ray J and Raz-B got into a fight earlier this week, then settled their differences.

But the B2K member is still upset and wants to duke it out with Ray J. Raz also said that Ray’s former manager Wack 100 has been threatening him.

Raz and Ray are business partners and they’re having a disagreement about a new streaming service they’re working on.

“I woke up this morning stressed than a muthaf*cka,” said Raz. “I’m getting calls from Wack 100. N*ggas is questioning my manhood, talking about Ray J faded me. Listen, Ray, you my brother, I respect you, we business partners. But guess what? I gotta catch this muthaf*cking fade, n*gga. I don’t give a f*ck if two people show up, n*gga. Sh*t, it may be a thousand people if you get your sister to sing the national anthem. You always gonna be Brandy’s little brother, n*gga!”

Wack 100 responded to Raz in the comment section of a No Jumper Instagram post.

“@razb_b2k come on @rayj chased you down the street you tumbled down the hill in Porter ranch !” he wrote. “That’s the 1st time. 2nd time you jumped out at the light on Burbank by the Dennys and ran into the freeway tryna get away ‼️ let’s be real my n*gga.”

Do you think this is all for show or are Raz and Ray really beefing? Here are some other posts that Raz shared about Ray J:


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